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Mosquitoes have met their match. Pro1 is specially designed to stop mosquitoes in their tracks. The Pro1 Line includes our Aerosol Spray and Pro1 Plug In Vaporizer.

What our customers say

When they say "Specialist" they mean it. Pro1 is really the best for getting rid of mosquitoes.
Marvin K

Protox Pro 1 vaporizer

Protection from Mosquitoes for up to 45 nights without the overpowering odour, the ProTox Pro1 Vaporizer and refills provide family-friendly safety.

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the original

Trusted and tried, the ProTox Original Formula Insectiside Spray effectively kills all crawling and flying insects.
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Pro 1

Our specialist Mosquito Killer, Pro1 was created to empower you to protect your loved ones from bites that can cause mosquito-borne diseases.
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Our Citronella Scented Insecticide Spray is tough on bugs but easier on the senses, and suited for protecting without a harsh scent.
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ProTox is the trusted protector against crawling and flying insects. Live confidently knowing that your loved ones are safe with ProTox's range of products.

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